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We are a 4PL specializing in Cold Chain Network, high specialty products, clinical protocols, and operational processes according to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

We are recognized as a distributor with good business practices, we comply with the highest standards of warehouse and distribution (GMP), sanitary and warehouse requirements. We maintain efficient management of the logistics chain through innovation and continuous improvement programs to meet the highest quality standards in the operation.

We create business models and services that meet the needs of our customers to ensure that the products are well maintained and arrive safely at their destination. Among the services we offer are:

  • Imports and Exports management
  • National logistics
  • Ware, room temperature, controlled temperature
    (15 to 25 degrees C) and cold chain network 2°C - 8°C.
  • Storage space contracting in our warehouses.
  • Rental and design of customized storage spaces, to secure
    operating notice and/or sanitary license.
  • Receipt and processing of orders.
  • Supply fulfillment and printing.
  • Ground transport under temperature conditions:
    2°C - 8°C, 15°C– 25°C and dry.
  • Value-added operations such as price printing, labeling, kitting, among others.
  • Personalized attention (Call Center) for invoicing.
  • Product Destruction management.
  • Sanitary license in the name of the manufacturer, dedicated warehouses, in MAYPO's facilities and operated by MAYPO: Dry Network - Cold Network / Controlled Temperature.

We handle a wide variety of drugs such as: vaccines, blood products, controlled drugs, orphan drugs, among others, and health supplies, in cold and dry network, which require a specialized storage and transportation infrastructure, with strict quality controls and qualified personnel in charge of their control.

We have vast experience in cold network logistics processes, with a large infrastructure for the logistics chain: receipt, storage, pick and pack, packaging, and distribution.

Our equipment has a validation, qualification, monitoring and calibration process.

Viaducto Tlalpan No. 3222, Col. Santa Úrsula Coapa, Coyoacán, Ciudad de
México, C.P. 04980

+52 (55) 5000 1050
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