We have 300.000 m2 specialized warehouse capacity, divided into 4 logistics centers.

Campus Maypo

  • Intelligent Distribution Center: Campus Maypo
  • Total capacity: 50,376 m3
  • General warehouse: 2.250 pallet positions
  • Cold storage: 364 pallet positions


  • Multishuttle + Voice Piking system
  • We have a multi-shuttle system that allows us to have: Decreased order assortment time, increasing staff productivity.


  • Automated Multishuttle equipment.
  • Operations directed by Voice Picking.
  • Computerized SAP ERP system.
  • Computerized system for temperature and humidity monitoring.
  • Computerized access control system.


  • 4.560 Bin Positions in Multishuttle.
  • 2.250 Pallet Positions with temperature controlled of no more than 25 ºC
  • 364 Pallet Positions Temperature 2º- 8°C
  • 1 Pre-storage and 2 Temperature Controlled Storage 2º, 8°, 1 Receipt and Direct Boarding Curtain at 2°- 8°C.
  • 1 Freezing chamber -15º, -25ºC
  • 100 Pallet Positions in segregated area for controlled product.

Standards and Quality

  • Valid Sanitary License for pharmaceutical products with handling of controlled drugs (I, II, III) and biologicals.
  • Qualification of facilities and validation of computer systems.
  • Facility qualification


  • Own monitoring center and third parties in support.
  • Qualified personnel and certified trustworthy.
  • Qualified and monitored transport fleet.
  • Redundant systems.

Metropolitan area warehouses


  • 13.700 Pallet Positions Room temperature not greater than 30°C-
  • 20 cooling storage (2° – 8° C).
  • 6 temperature-controlled storage (15° - 25°C).
  • 11 m3 freezers (-20ºC).
  • 2.000 dry positions (room temperature 25° C).
  • 90 transport units, 70 of them refrigerated.
  • Double emergency floor.
  • Mobile temperature measurement systems in our transport equipment.
  • Mobile printing of delivery data.

High-Tech Transport and Guaranteed Safety

We have a fleet of more than 200 vehicles, suitable for the safe transport of high-specialty drugs, protected with satellite tracking and specialized security.

Ground transport under temperature conditions: 2°C - 8°C, 15°C - 25°C and dry.

Security and surveillance equipment in all facilities and transport.

We ensure a delivery time of 12 to 24 hours throughout the country.

Technology Infrastructure

We have the most advanced technology, based on the SAP system, which allows us to manage all areas of the business in real time, including inventory management and customer service management, in an integrated manner.

Also, as an extension of SAP, we use handheld technology for inventory handling and management in the warehouse, as well as using the web speaking interface for automated product fulfillment.

In addition, we implement automated robot drug dispensing in the pharmacy area of the National Cancer Institute (INCAN), which captures the prescription, collects the drug, and delivers it in a fully automated bag.

  • CRM PIVOTAL: customer relationship manager.
  • OBIEE: oracle business intelligence enterprise edition.
  • DOCUFACT: for electronic invoices.
  • SAP: enterprise resource planning.
  • Emergency plants
  • Total connectivity between facilities


Maypo Insights

Digital platform that centralized the delivery of services to drug laboratories, to create autonomy in the consumption of information, services, and monitoring of the government supply process, through an Internet site and application for smartphones. This platform facilitates the creation of strategies for effective decision-making.

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