Our Culture And Values

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive solutions and vanguard services to achieve universal access to health, through the highest quality in supply, commercialization, distribution, and delivery of medicines and supplies for human health

Our Vision

Accomplish leadership in comprehensive services for the health sector, incorporating innovative proposals with value to society, and continue being the strategic partner for excellence.

Our values


We work with passion and in a professional manner, with efficiency in service and operation, to pursue perfection in what we do.


We act ethically and honestly in all respects, fulfilling our commitments.

Human Sense

We treat patients, clients, partners and associates with respect, tolerance, and solidarity, because the well-being of people is our raison d'être.


We look for new ideas, modern and creative solutions to keep a vanguard scheme and continue our improvement.


We are open to always explain what we do, how we do it and what we do it for.


We optimize our material and financial resources. We use and care them with efficiency and moderation.

Viaducto Tlalpan No. 3222, Col. Santa Úrsula Coapa, Coyoacán, Ciudad de
México, C.P. 04980

+52 (55) 5000 1050
800 638 55 55

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