Letter from our CEO

In Maypo we are committed to human health, looking for innovative solutions that meet the needs of the health sector, adapting to the needs of our business partners and the environment that society demands.

We have 30 years of history in the Mexican market, with 2 thousand employees with knowledge and continuous training and with total adherence to our institutional values, we improve every day to provide vanguard services, innovating and providing strategic solutions to current scenarios.

The accelerated transformation to which the current health emergency has led us to reinvent ourselves and to adopt measures never seen before, not only to take care of the health of our associates and customers, but also the well-being of the entire Mexican population, focusing on the impact of our daily actions; on current and future needs; and on the new challenges to be faced in this new reality.

The changing environment demands great commitments and a positive attitude toward the challenges, for this reason, we based our growth on a solid foundation from our institutional values, which has consolidated us as a team dedicated and focused on excellence.

Maypo is a company with great capacity, expertise, and infrastructure, capable of effective responses to the environment transformation. The trust and loyalty of our customers has made possible that today, Maypo, is recognized as synonymous of quality assurance and commitment.

In 2021, we will continue working to implement even more actions to help drive the development of the pharmaceutical logistics industry in the country, in addition to contributing to the well-being of the population with greater and better access to health solutions in order to improve the quality of life of Mexicans.

Welcome to this site that expresses the best of a human team: Their desire to make history and demonstrate that we can build a new way to see the future.


Jack Rodriguez B.

Viaducto Tlalpan No. 3222, Col. Santa Úrsula Coapa, Coyoacán, Ciudad de
México, C.P. 04980

+52 (55) 5000 1050
800 638 55 55

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